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The high tide floods them, and, for this reason, they are uninhabited, except for
disembarking fishermen or hunters. Moreover, it seems that there are few fish in this part of the river, probably because they prefer the pure waters to the west.

Gurupa river islands

On the other hand, the forests of the Gurupa islands are abundant with excrement, particularly Caitetus, Capivaras and Antas. Following the advice of the pilot, we departed from these islands, to reach the coast of the frontier of the continent, when the sun was coming to dusk.

From afar, the agitated mirror of the waters was dyed red; The tree groves in the foreground stood out, shining with rosy tones, from the dark background of soft shadows. The idea of being on the premier river of the world, so close to the equator, gave this incomparable scenario even greater value, and our eyes were saturated, almost suffering from the spectacle, until the sun was hidden, and the river and the shore faded in the twilight. We were so immersed in the pleasure of this sight, when out of nowhere a strong west wind immediately agitated the waves and made the canoe rock strongly, rocking from side to side. Our canoe actually groaned.

We judged ourselves in the horrors of a thunderstorm. We turned on the candle and finally extinguished it, fearing for the mast. The Indians ' efforts, in the oars, to get close to the coast, were ridiculous, and we had to resolve to proceed in the direction of the west wind. It was our luck the fury from the storm ended in a quarter of an hour; Now, we could rejoin the sail, and, in the darkness of the night, we reached the shore, where we lay anchor in twelve deep arms. These disturbances, in general predicting thunderstorms, are customary in the navigation of the Amazon, and, depending on the distance from the coast and good conditions of the boat, are even desirable for the travelers, who easily ascend the river, when the general wind does not blow; For us, newbies, it was a harsh initiation. Now, we rejoiced, for we had the canoe in safety, under the canopy of high trees with a cheerful campfire in the brush, and we saw the animation of our Indians, who were singing, after double rations of Rum;

The sky darkened, then, all of a sudden, it darkened even more, and from the northeast came, with a lash of wind, a terrible thunderstorm, which soon stretched out everywhere. The rain fell in torrents on that dark night; The foliage of the groves twisted wildly. Incessantly, the shining lightning shot from all sides and the thunder rumbled loudly.

The turbulent waters roared. Where were the courtesies, with which we were received by the king of the rivers ? After midnight, the agitated water calmed somewhat, while the lightening flashes and shooting stars were particularly prolonged on the southern side; After all, we were finally able to sleep after a day of so many sensations and dangers.