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There is an abundance of incredible aquatic birds, including many species of tasty Marrecas.

Anas paturi, the Marreca

Because of the special nature of the country, everyone here is on horseback, and very often the shepherds, when they can no longer use their small and slight mount, in the dissected swamps, they tie the tail of the horse in order to go forward. The numberless streams, which from all sides are flowing in the surrounding rivers, greatly hinder the horsemen in the voyages of the coast, because their waters contain an extraordinary amount of mud.

Etching 11

It is preferred, then, to enter the horse in the river and swim through the dangerous place. The waters of the river to and from the Amazon surround Marajo on all sides, allowing the largest warships to anchor in fresh water.

Only in the extremely high tide of the spring and autumn moderations, they say, the water on the northern and eastern side has a somewhat salty flavor. Even this sea of fresh water must bathe the islands of Caviana and Mexiana, before mixing with the ocean. As for physical conditions, these islands are identical to those off the northeastern part of Marajo.

There is alot of livestock breeding and our host Mr. Ambrosio Henriques, owned two large farms, containing 8,000 or 10,000 cattle . The small islands of the Cameleoes, under the equator, who find themselves, on the contrary, out of the so-called "freshwater sea ", are so flooded, that they do not allow for colonization or farming.

Pasture on Marajo island

Marajo, the largest island belonging to the crown of Brazil, also called the island of Joanes, was formerly an independent colony, conferred by the King as a fiefdom. Currently, it is subject to Belem do Para, and its first authority, a judge, resides in Monforte, which, disregarding Chaves, is the most important village on the island. The entire population amounted in 1820 to about 10,500 souls. It is not subject to endemic illnesses. Men, capable of military service, form a special body of armed force, the Legion of Marajo, usually 524 cavalry soldiers and many other infantry. The colonel, who commands them, is at the same time, the commander of the island.

Breves today

On September 3, before midnight, a new rider announced that the sea was favorable for departure, and we left Breves, without our Indians asking anything about their companion who stood there, showing signs of the disease all over him. The moon was shining bright in the sky, illuminating with its gentle light the dark and solider landscape. The leaking of the low tide took us, until 7 hours in the morning, near to the small Maruani River, where we pulled ashore to make another excursion on the island, because here you can see the panorama all around.