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the middle and level on the sides. The edge of the bow was fitted with iron plate and a kitchen device. At the stern was the cabin with enough space to store our nets, and when you want, you can fit a short mast in front of you with a quadrangular sail. The rudder wheel rotates in a table, on the rear wall of the cabin, on whose roof the pilot sits (Jacumauva) (1). The eight individual paddlers, four on each side, sit at the level of the bulged deck. The long oars are tied with ropes of Cipo to oarlocks fixed vertically along the sides. The vessel had a main anchor and another for emergency, which is only used, however, in the lower part of the river, because it is safer to hold the canoe in the trees along the shore.

The equipment for our mouths, consisting of twenty baskets of flour, thirty arrobas of salted pirarucu, some barrels of biscuits, a barrel of cachaca and six baskets of salt, was arranged under the deck of the bow. For us, we took biscuits, flour, rice, ham, sausage, salted meat, butter, sugar, coffee, tea, wine, brandy, medicines, all arranged under the cabin. We also took a large fishing net, and took a quantity of objects, which had been recommended for us to change with the Indians, this and: axes, forks , knives, anchovies, pelhos of Nuremberg, fabrics of coarse cotton (white, blue, etc.) bracelets and beads. All these things were stored in a solid portable suitcase, placed safely on the bow of the boat.

As our plan was not to limit ourselves to the usual ways of trade in Amazonas, the governor himself offered us a military guard so we could look for distant tribes, some rather ill-tempered. We accepted this benevolence offer with great satisfaction, for the governor himself had warned us that the Indians paddlers needed to comply with strict discipline throughout this escort, as well as demanding the fulfillment of the order, which he had given the authorities, so that, in villages, we would be provided with new teams of paddlers.

La Condamine

Since La Condamine wrote to us, whose narrative of travel we had fortunately received, no one had written about the king of rivers, for which I am searching. All the same, here near the Amazon’s mouth, in vain we sought to find the king. We came to think that the same attitudes

(I) Jacumauva (or Jacumaba), of which there is also the variant Jacumaiba, and the Tupica designation of the pilot of the mounts and the small yachts that sail in the Amazon. It comes from Jacuma, name that went from rowing or rudder to signify the canoe itself and even the fishing baskets. Jose Verissimo ( "Revista amazonica ", vol. I, pag. 90) says that the term Jacumauba fell into disuse in Para, "being replaced by the man's expression of Jacuma ". (Rev. Note, Inst. Hist. and Geogr. Bras. ).