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Population of state of Para in 1820

In 1823, we were given the population by His Excellency the Marquis of Barbacena, as follows: Free, 121,285; Slaves, 51,840; Total, 173,125. That assessment is probably exaggerated. Only rarely do we hear estimating the number of Indians in the state, at 160,000.

This evaluation of the number of Indiana refers, however, not only to the civilized, but also the wild tribes that inhabit the immense forests on the Tocantins and Javari Rivers (western frontier of the Rio Negro), as well as the Brazilian Guiana, it currently estimates the number of civilized Indians to some 50,000 or 60,000.

Stricter estimation of the population · Of the Rio Negro of the following table, conveyed to me by the Ombudsman of that province. Many of the villages, cited here, such as Maripi and Sao Joao do Principe, which I traveled six years after that statistic, had long since lost the total of their population.