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about the direction we should take, left us. Around noon, the Roca de Lisboa

appeared quite distinct, to the northeast, and on the cloudy horizon: a row of steep, bare mountains, where we saw churches, daustros and lighthouses.

We had a fleeting vision through the telescope of the great basilica of Mafra, the costly work of D. Joao V. . Soon we found ourselves in a boil of boats fishing here at the entrance to the port of Lisbon. They use a unique triangular trapeze candle to place themselves under their work. The boat has a single beam mast; the net, held by two large cables, stays in the sea, and generally large numbers of the garrison, 15 to 20 people are needed to do this work. These fishermen also have the sandbar pilots office to guide the ships for 6 $ 400. Almost deafened by the shouting and rude pilgrimages of these sons of Neptune - "men with the boots," the sailors call them, - we arrived near the beautiful coast of Portugal. The Portuguese are rightly proud of the magnificent situation of their capital. Along the port of the majestic Tagus, houses and fortifications line up uninterruptedly;

Port of Tagus today

Further up, there are rich vineyards, cornfields, dry, uncultivated peaks which bulge here and take in joyful wings or dark cypress trees. At dusk on August 23, we saluted the ancient and colossal Gothic tower of Belem,

Castle of Belem

behind which the Palacio da Ajuda and the amphitheater terraces of the city, where palaces and church cupolas rise.

Coming from a country lacking history, we found ourselves transported between historical monuments of a working people; we felt again in Europe. That very same day, the ship received a visit from the health commissioner, and the next morning, deeply moved, we stepped broadly on the patrician soil.

Thanks to the care of Mr. Barao van Pfeffel, Minister of St. M. the King of Bavaria in London, we found the most kind welcome from Mr. von Berks, Austrian Chargé d'Affaires. We were housed in a German hotel and assisted by Mr. Lindenberger, a Hanseatic consultant, and by several of our dedicated countrymen we took our collections to the House of India. We wanted to travel through beautiful Lisbon and seek to gather its wisdom, when, suddenly, a political catastrophe came, which gave another direction to our plans.

On August 24, a Board was proclaimed in Porto, independent of the Regencia de Lisboa. We handed to two members of the Regency, the Count of Palmella and D. Miguel Forjaz Pereira Coutinho, our letters of recommendation, when news arrived from the capital