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is a fire that burneth, if we take much of it; but if we take little, it enlightens us.” In this path of patriarchal dictates, the spirit of the human race did not lead the peoples who need to be brought to humanity by civilization; therefore we find no peace in the huts, no simplicity and contentment on the path of peoples’ lives, however, only blood and conflagration, appalling atonements wherein the dual nature of the human genre attracts the curse or blessing of its origin.

For Brazil, where we had lived for nearly four years of labor and enjoyment, and which was to be the subject of our literary work, it was first of all our duty to make our most fervent wishes for its prosperity. In spirit we remembered all the degrees of its development, from the almost primitive to the rich patriarchal living conditions, until the bourgeoisie, state, and church have been established in the new empire. We were excited by the desire that the magnificent country, so richly endowed, could reach the goal of its perfection slowly and surely, not by violent convulsions and wars, but by the balance and reconciliation of the adverse elements that exist in all states. It has been 10 years since we left Brazil, and while the most dreadful convulsions here wash all parts of Europe, while the mother country remains powerless, in the grip of fatal successes, underlying the great Portugal of once so dark shadows. While the American neighbors were struggling in the midst of the political revival, Brazil was taking safe steps forward in its formation and consolidating its interior. Splendid are the natural dispositions of the great country, of the intelligent, expeditious, and strong people, for whose sake the very mixture of the races competes. Little by little, the pieces that, as a result of the old colonial system, prevented spiritual progress and compressed the moral force are undone; the horizon widens in the great world trade; noble emulation encourages youth, who in Europe seek science and education; patriotism and self-esteem can arise to overcome the lack of ambition that, due to the weather, fettered the spirit and the body; A monarch, full of willpower and benevolence, is at the helm, leading them with courage like a blissful parent. If you let yourself be led in this direction from now on, then your good genius will lead you along healthy and beautiful trails to a safe goal! With teachers, who have devoted you to the best part of your life, never be mistaken in your hopes and predictions!

Our escort, the brig "Vulcano", was happily floating again, and so was following the whole convoy edging, with a sharp northwest wind, through the widening channel.