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last stay in Belem do Para and return trip

Again in the lonely Rocinha, back from the fatigue of a nine-month trip, we

could not find the peace that would be desired in the precarious state of our health.

The collections we brought from this far-flung expedition were ready for shipment, and they were astonishingly admired by the townspeople, who made pilgrimages to our house to see the riches of their homeland, and even brought their own acquaintances. On the other hand, the majestic exuberance of this equatorial land still held us, which, in every excursion, the forests of Para or the low islands of the surrounding archipelago, offered us new wonders. However, it is characteristic of this region to be everywhere the same in its tranquil landscape as if stabilized more by the constant harmonious set of nature than by variety. I therefore refer to the descriptions already made of Belem do Para and its surroundings.

Belem harbor

The calm enjoyment of contemplation, in which we indulged, was interrupted by visits from our relations, and May 13, the birthday of His Majesty Most Holy, was marked by the general celebrations which gave unmistakable proof of the patriotism and affection of the citizens. On this occasion, the new building of the Bolsa do Comercio was inaugurated by a solemn speech by its president;

Bolsa do Comercio today

the troops rested; the churches were filled as the sacred chants resounded;

Celebrating on the Public promenade, Belem do Para

and everything was presented in a pleasant way, with European aspect and manners, as well as the population of the capital of Pará, distinguished by its approximation to the European characteristics.

The convoy, on which we could return to Europe, consisted of five boats (two galleys, two brigades, and a government-equipped artillery schooner for escorting these trading ships). For the crossing, we chartered a place in the "New Amazon", a new galley, of good construction, and had our boxed collections available on board, not without difficulty. On June 13,