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This is the point where I should mention the wealth of this region.

That gold appears in the Apaporis and particularly in its affluent Taraira and in one of its sources, the Oumiari, I was very precisely assured by the chief of the Coretus, Pachico,

and then by many Indians; and, indeed, the metal of the river sands could have washed away. This does not contradict the view that, in these regions, the formation of ferruginous and ennobled stoneware, such as that in such large areas of Mina Gerais and Sao Paulo, contains gold.

Quartz with gold

This gold deposit also appears in certain provinces, sometimes almost completely devoid of the noble metal, whereas in neighboring places an abundant harvest was taken. Moreover, the appearance of such crystalline gypsum formation

Crystalized Gypsum

as that observed in the stratification of the Cupati mountain should not be indicative of the ennoblement of the neighboring mountain; should not this sediment bear gold? The appearance of white sand in Minas is not uncommon and considered as a sign of great wealth contained in the soil. In addition, gold could also appear in quartz filaments, or in the later formation of mountain, or even of granite. Gold appears to exist in the quartz filaments of the Rio Turi (Para province), where we obtained beautiful specimens.

Fibrous quartz

The Apaporis basin, as well as, in the north of the river, that of Uaupe (Ucaiari), and also, one of the countries of Manoa (Manaus), as many others appear in the history of the conquest and discovery of America.