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He reported that on his arrival a few days earlier he had found a flotilla of more than 12 uba, each with eight to 10 men, who, seeing him, immediately ran up the river. They had found an uba abandoned on the bank. There were biscuits in it, a small square shield, arrows, bows, oars, and probably had been abandoned at the first moment of panic.

Making an"uba" today

On January 28, eight days after the departure from the Miranhas, I was to reach the end of my journey.

Leaving the Port of Miranhas, Rio Japura

Through dangerous ditches, in continuous toil against the increasingly violent current, we arrived at a rocky islet, near which the River of the Enganos,

coming from the north, is launched in the Japura. The main river is narrowed in the southern part of the island, the width of a rifle shot, and it runs fast, snoring, against a granite wall, on which large leafy ferns,


and cypo-timbo (Carludovicas) exquisite-looking, as I had not seen for a long time, that is, since my journey through the virgin forests of the Ilheus cliffs.


The heat, mosquitoes and disease kept me in the dark cabin of the canoe, until on that last afternoon the jubilant exclamations of the Indians called me out: - Arara-coara icke cekoi! "we are in Arara-Coara (parrot hole)."

Arara-coara waterfall

The river, having here opened a passage in the mountain, curving north-west, through the plumbed pebbles of granite, rushed, bubbling frothy out of its throat, over the colossal mass of overlapping rocks. The fall, whose height, from the entrance of the river in the throat to the calm waters below, can be evaluated in 60 feet, offered, in the present ebb, a less imposing spectacle of the victorious water, but perhaps more wild and melancholy.

Gigantic, rounded, dark-brown carved rocks gleam like sea stones on both sides of the rock on the perpendicular wall of rock, and beyond the canyon, far into the woods, so that, in the flood, the river must extend to that width. The vegetation, in the deepest border, forms a field full of Mirtaceas (guava trees);

Guava tree

above, a shadowy thicket of palms; here and there, closed fences of tree-like grasses, with stems of the thickness of a thigh.

Natural Bamboo fence

On the granite rocks, where the vegetation finds space, so dense was the foliage of the Mertensia dichotoba, grown of the height of a man, that the rocks, seen from afar, seem to be lined with a mantle of bright green moss.

Mertensia dichotoba

Above, on the edge of the stone wall, which sometimes rises to well over 150 feet, I saw a low grove, like that of the Minas groves, with an extensive crown. This was the most Western point to which I could extend my journey. While the terrors of this wilderness were oppressing me, I felt unspeakable longing for the company of men with a