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for our lack of faith in his loyalty, and from then on we slept without worry all night, only having to keep watch over some of the equipment around us and another part of the port by the ships. In general, there was plenty of evidence of natural goodness on the part of these cannibals and the interest of their horde, particularly when we were attacked by the fever. They themselves were cured, eating certain parts of the monkeys, as we mentioned about the Muras.

Although subject to small attacks of fever, I felt strong enough, however, to

leave the Miranhas village and set off on my way to the last phase of the trip, to the Arara-Coara Waterfall.

I followed a canoe, manned by 12 Indians and accompanied by two soldiers, one of whom was a soldier from Belem do Para, with Pachico, chief of the Coretus,

and the other a militia soldier from Ega. Mr. Zani stayed behind with the rest of the equipment. As the stream was very large nowadays,

Whitewater rapids

the frequent rapids gave us lots to do, and at great cost, by means of spirits and exhortations, we were able to keep the Indians in good condition, because the plague of pests was increasingly tormenting . Their bodies were bloody naked, and I myself had face and hands so painfully pricked and swollen, that I could only relieve the sting, by bathing them continually with rum. The widest river width can be 230 bracas. It contains few islands, most of which present recent formation,as a breach of pebbles of yellowish or red jasper,

quartz and

ferruginous, violet or brown sandstone;

the ravines are clay colored.

The vegetation of the shore retained the same monotonic shape. We wanted to go into the woods, but it was not advisable with our poor escort, either because of the Indians, from whose habitations in the jungle we saw smoke rising, or because of the jaguars, which, in the morning, we had seen drinking water on the shore, or whose footprints we had found, when we disembarked, to prepare dinner.

Cupati waterfall

The crocodiles, from the Cupati Waterfall, were already rarer, because the higher and cooler waters (here, on the main river they marked 23 ° R.) are not pleasant to them, as well as to the turtles. On the second day, I passed by the mouth of Ira River (river of honey); in the third, by the mouth of the Rio Uvania, which, perhaps, after the River of the Enganos (Cunhary or Tauaxamini), is the largest tributary of this basin; from then on, it would further reduce its width, and should measure, on the average, about 150 bracas.

On the afternoon of the third day, in the small southern affluent Jui I saw the first granite rising.

And a small, pebble-like granulating stone, almost in the pore's color, reddish, and still covered