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sometimes even slightly arched, with the thin tip curved downwards, which gives them a remarkable expression of mobility and a certain cunning air, modified, however, by the goodness that expresses the fine mouth, with thick lips. And these sympathetic faces are disfigured by the horrible distinctive mark of the tribe.

The Passes has tattooed on his face a mesh, a stain (1) that etches under the eyes, to the point where they are carved into beams in a straight line, that cover faces, nose and lips, to the pit of the chin. The men shave the head and leave only a narrow crown on the edge of the forehead, just as in the occipital they leave a small wick of hair. The women have long hair, which, especially when they let it loose, gives them, together with the mesh, an aspect of ferocity; and the soldiers of Orellana, when they met with heroines of this race, designated them, without reason, with the classic name of Amazonias, or Amazon women.

Chief Albano's wife was so regular, her eyes were so black, and her physique so well-proportioned, that with her bluish-black mouth, even in Europe it would cause sensation. Also in their dress, clothing is worn when strangers appear. The Passes are clean. In general, women wore cotton-striped skirts, and a narrow bodice, also of cotton, dyed black, and short sleeves; men, at least a short shirt; One of them had talisman on his neck to protect him from bad luck. It consists of the thick part of a large river shell or a manatee's vertebra. The natural disposition of this tribe corresponds to its pleasing exterior: they are sweet, affable, naive, peaceful, active, and for this reason they have long been sought by the settlers for farming, - an unfortunate tendency, which in part, is to blame for the dissolution of the tribe. They inhabited at first a considerable territory between Ica and Japura; so much so that they have merged with others, which, presently, may exist in full freedom with 1,500 individuals. Some were headed for the western bank of the Ica; a horde of them, quite numerous, inhabits half a village, at the mouth of the river. The Passes, whom I found in Maripi, were not quite conversant enough in the Tupi speech, to give me information

Area of Maripi

(I) As the tattoo is continually modified, so the stain, according to the different accounts, can take several additions. The nose is tattooed last; the region of the mouth first. In older individuals, two more parallel straight lines, made from the base of the nose, up to the top of the head, or a network of crossed lines, are observed as the last piece of this rare aphorism.

In the past, it seems that it was customary among the Passes to pierce the lower lip, and to secure it by inserting a stick, which I have not seen in any of them. On the other hand, they pierce the ears and insert a small one-and-a-half inch stem from the tupelo tree’s glossy stalk.

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