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feet are rare); shorter neck; large belly, wider than the breast and the waist; strong chests; short feet, the sole of the foot being wide at the front; the big finger usually away from the others; in all, the feet are extraordinarily broad in the toes; short hands; short fingernails and wide feet; belly button not so prominent, in the form of a roller, as among blacks, but somewhat more recessed; black hair, hard as horsehair, more or less long; head long, rounded; the middle of the head with an occipital bump not so protruding in length, as in blacks, but rounded; broad forehead, low, somewhat tilted back;

a protruding frontal sinus; broad face, rounded, rarely narrow and oval; the molars protruding, the nose flattened; nostrils wide, slightly turned to the sides and up; small eyes, black; the ocular cavities pushed aside; wide eyebrows, of few hairs, usually descending to the nose, and moving away also outwards; straight mouth; the inferior lip not as large as the superior, both less thick than those of the blacks. The teeth are white and beautiful; the incisors similar to those of the weasel and other carnivores; the chin not like the blacks, but rounded. Cripples are rare among the Indians, because ill-formed children are killed and buried as soon as they are born. However, adult Indians with four fingers on their hands or feet have been seen.

The conformation of the body, on the other hand, is very different from that of the black. All the outer parts are longer: arms, hands and long feet, narrow chest. The belly is likewise narrow, but wider relative to the head and chest. The cheeks of the face are narrowed with an elongated chin.

In the Mesticos or mixed races, the physical qualities of the father prevail everywhere, notably. The offspring of a Caucasian father and Indian mother are called here, as in the rest of Brazil, mamelucos. Mesticos of negroes and Indians are sometimes called cafusos, sometimes goats;

Left, Mameluco*** Right, Cafuso

the children of black and white, are called mestocos (caribocas), pardos and mulattos. I have just in front of my eyes a drawing of a cafuso, whose father was black and the mother a forest tapuia; In this case, the characteristics of the black physique prevail over that of Indian, for example: the face is not as elongated as that of the Negro. The lips are not so thick; however, the lower lip does not advance more than the upper lip; the top of the head is more rounded than in the black ones; the base of the nose is wider than usually happens in the Indians; the eyes are more arched; the extremities are more elongated, slenderer than in the Indians, likewise the feet flat; the buttocks are less protruding than black ones; the chest is more narrow than the legitimate indians,