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Many rumors could have discouraged me from traveling through Japura as a very dangerous undertaking.

Manaus to western border on Solimoes and Japura

They all agreed that the fevers there, which were very frequent at this time since the river began to empty, when they did not kill in the apoplexy of the chill or degenerate in typhus, have, however, as serious consequences, like cirrhosis of the liver and consumptive fever. But just this year, the river was fuller than it used to be in December, and therefore less risky. Moreover, Captain Zani,

Captain Zani ?

commissioned by the Governor-General, resolved to accompany us as far as possible, and I myself was encouraged by the hope of perhaps observing throughout the Solimoes region the various dominant forms of vegetation and some of its many Indian tribes, still in their primitive state, who do not tolerate the presence of any Portuguese settlers. For this trip, we took even smaller boats which, in fact, exposed us to many privations, but guaranteed a more rapid navigation. Dr. Spix chose the sergeant, some soldiers of the militia, our French servant, who had accompanied us untiringly here, and several of the best Indians, for his companions. Before we separated, we exchanged written testaments.

My orders now require that I make separate reports of both expeditions. Dr. Spix departed from Ega on December 7 and arrived on January 9, 1820, at the frontier of Brazil in Tabatinga, and returned back to Barra do Rio Negro on February 3. Dr. Martius left Ega on December 12, reached the waterfall of the Japura passage on January 27, and returned to Ega on March 2, entering Barra do Rio Negro on March 11.

Since, however, time remained for another excursion, Spix undertook it on February 11 to the Portuguese colonies of the Rio Negro, arriving at Barcelos, from which, however, he was already returning on February 28, so that both travelers again met in Barra.

On the Rio Purus, the latest news was that the Purus was supposed to communicate with the Madeira and Beni as one of the sources of that river.

Rio Purus

We know only from Indian accounts the news that Acuna and Pagan have made known, that this river can be navigated upstream for two months until the waterfalls are reached.

No one has yet ventured to found missions in the Purus.