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giving preference to the dart's position. The deadly effect of the poisoned arrow depends on how deeply it penetrates, on the age and degree of moisture of the venom, and on the place of the wound. The greater the energy with which the urari makes contact with the blood of the animal, the faster and safer the poison acts. I have seen oxen shudder and fall in death-throes after four minutes, while in other cases a monkey or a caititu, less wounded, resisted the action of poison three times longer. Generally spread among the Indians, there is the belief that the pox, killed by the Urari poison, makes you healthier than ever. That the urari has a special flavor, we could daily confirm, because there were never lacking jacus, parrots and pigs, that our hunters delivered to the kitchen. Rapid death and specific action on all blood mass perhaps change the taste, similar to that if our cooks poured boiling vinegar down the throat of animals still alive.

The river, in this region, is all sown with larger or smaller islands, in which the usual vegetation of oiranas, myrtle, hummingbirds, and many different cypresses are repeated. The palm groves of the jauari thorn (1) alternate with the trunks of the elegant acai palm (2), and lend the landscape a strong tropical nature.

We sailed upstream on the southern shore, usually by shallow canals, while breadth of the river was preserved in the middle, between islands.

Solimoes river

The total width of the flow can in average, import in one or a half hours. On the northern side, the Copeia, formerly known as the third mouth of the Japura, flows into the river, but is actually a drainage of Lake Amana, which, in fact, is in communication with that river, but is an independent basin. While we sailed through the channel of Arauana-hi (water of the Arauana fish), the southern margin, a boat was sent to that mouth to catch fish, which now, with the gradual low water, began to be scarce in the Solimoes. They brought us the next day a load of the most diverse fish. During the flood of the river, the fishery, throughout the Amazon region, is not made in it, but is only explored in the tributaries and lakes, where most of the fish live.

(1) Jauari (avari) or iauari and the Astrocaryum jauary, spiny spike palm tree.

Astrocaryum jauary

who prefers the pools and low banks of the Amazon and Stradelli says ("Vocabulary", page 463): "From the leaves a very strong fiber is extracted, from which the Purus river ipurinas weave their sleeping nets. The fruit ripens with the first waters of the flood, food that is much sought after by the tambaquis.
(2) As for the Rio Javari, Teodoro Sampaio makes it come from yaua-r-y (Rev. Note, Inst. Hist. and Geogr. Bras.).

Euterpe edulis

And of the Euterpe edulis (Martius), peculiar to the north of Brazil, from which is made the much praised wine: "Whoever goes to Para is stopped; those who drink acai, are allowed to stay. "(Note from Rev., Inst. Hist. And Geogr. Bras.).