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settlers in neighborhood of the river, by that time, and, avoiding the patrols as much as possible, they gather the turtles in baskets to eat them, spit roasted on a fire or in fat broth. These dishes are, without doubt, the tastiest that the kingdom of the waters offers.

Cooking turtles

Blamed for the scarcity of the useful turtles are the aforementioned enemies, notably the snakes and the jaguars,

which all pursue greedily the slow moving litter, when it is headed for the water. More than once I saw the sandy shore colored by these little critters, and some old jags lying there lurking on the beach, waiting to devour the inexperienced who near their gaping throat.

Baby turtles

The adult turtles are largely caught in this period, when they return from the beaches, and are gathered on the shore in Taipais. They call them the "cattle of the river", because they are the meat source throughout the course of the Amazon, and one or several dishes of this meat are never lacking on a well-served table. The melted butter is also a tasty fat, which is employed in the preparation of certain dishes.

Emys Tracaja

Also the other turtle, the Tracaja (Emys Tracaja, Spix) is used likewise. Moreover, the Trajeca is more than half smaller than the other, and the meat is less abundant. Also it does not go in large flocks to the sandy beaches, for pasture, but seeks alone the place of egg-laying, and lays only twenty-five to thirty eggs. They say it lives in monogamy. This smaller turtle is not sought after for the manufacture of objects.

Guajaratuba beach today

During the night, on the beach of Guajaratuva (1), we were disturbed by uninterrupted noise, because the crowd gathered here was indulged in an unbridled drunkenness. Very seldom, the dwellers of these regions are seen in such a large company; And this sociability manifests itself then in the most foolish extravagances, which the government has been trying to repress.

At dawn, we set sail, favored by the east Wind, along the southern edge of the grinding wheel, and thus avoided the rapids of Jurupari-Pinda (Devil's Hook), in the opposite coast. About a couple of miles above that beach, we spotted the


mouth of the Purus River, which, at a width of four to five bracas of white waters, blends with those of the Solimoes.

Rio Purus


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contain males. Fourteen days later (according to others, a month), then in the egg pasture, the cub, favored doubtless in its development by the access of the air in the sand, and by the warmth of the sun, breaks the shell

and rushes quickly to the river where, in the opinion of von Humboldt, they are guided by strong instinct to follow the humid air.

It should be assumed that the medium heat of the sand, where the eggs are hatched, corresponds to the heat which carries out the development of the chicken egg (33 ° to 34 ° R.).

(I) Guajaratuba or Guajaratiba, this is "The place where the tree grows guajara, the Icica (Chrysobalanus Icaco, L.). This bush or tree of dense foliage appears, here and there, on the margin of the sand; And the Indians eat the elongated, sweet, but somewhat acidic cherry blossoms. The combinations of radicals with tiba are very common in the Tupi language, for example: Curitiba., place of the pine.; Curupatiba, "of the tree of the Parica "; Command-Tiba., "of the bean...