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attributes. Luckily for the forest dweller practicing new vocabulary, he can freely interprete it in his own way, and that is how a legend is created. A more precise argument on this subject deserves, at least, a place between the notes. (Note I).

The Trombetas River, which Acuna calls Cunuris, in the general language “Orixi-Mina", has not yet been navigated to its headwaters, because numerous and high cataracts impede travelers, who want to search in the vicinity for salsaparilla and cloves.

Rivers of the Amazon basin

Above the waterfalls, they say the river runs through fields. Its inferior basin is flat, like that of the other tributaries of the Amazon, and it communicates by way of a western hole with the neighboring river Neamunda (Nhamunda, Jamundas). Up to the eastern mouth of the Neamunda, the navigators calculated as six miles of distance, which we traveled in one day. This river extends into the interior, forming a beautiful and fish-filled lake, on whose eastern shore eight leagues from the Amazon, the village of Faro is situated.

Santarem to Faro, the border of Para

Faro is the furthest settlement in the province of Para. It was earlier, just like neighboring Obidos, a Capuchin mission, which had settled the Indians of the tribe of the Nhamundashere here. Faro is a village of some importance;


Its inhabitants reap the natural products of the surroundings, and mainly cultivate tobacco, which, as well as that of neighboring forests, is the best tobacco in the province of Para.

Tobacco Plantation

Tobacco farm by Parentim Mt. and Maue river ?

The river itself forms the boundaries between the Para and the eastern province of Sao Jose do Rio Negro into whose basin we found ourselves entering. On the southern side of the Amazon, the boundary is formed by the Parentim Mountain and the Maue River; And, west of it, by the Madeira.

Amazon Basin

As for the mosquitoes, we were not disturbed by our winged followers; But today we fell upon, suddenly, a swarm of black flies and several other species of flies, such as the Mutuca and the Muricoca, that allied with the mosquitoes, to make war on us.

Female mosquito

The Pium is a mosquito with a big head and a strong stinger for sucking blood. He flies in narrow circles, with extreme speed; It rests on the skin, where it rests on its six legs and stinger; And as soon as he begins to satisfy his thirst for blood, the victim feels a penetrating pain, which becomes increasingly violent. In half a minute, the insect, in general, sucks what it can, and flies quickly away. The strength and success of its stinger is so great, that on the skin, where it settled, a rounded blister rises to almost the third part of an inch, which, is at first half transparent and probably full of serum, then fills up and turns color red. Finally the clot forms a dark red dot on the skin, which in a few days, dries and falls. No words can express the torment that this infernal insect inflicts upon the