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Chapter 4
Voyage through the straits of Obidos and Fortaleza da Barra,
capital of the province of Rio Negro

We crossed the south bank of the Amazon, above the strait, until the village,

Obidos today

without effort, in 20 to 25 minutes, because we applied all the force of the rowing so as to cut the waters in the northern direction,

Straits of Obidos on the Amazon

conquering the waves by rigorously impelling them downward. The canoes, destined for Obidos, usually, for this reason, paddle upstream of the river. As we had decided to visit the village only when we returned, we went ahead, by the southern shore, and we crossed to the northern shore, at the point where the river expands again, between several islands.

Amazon basin

The series of islands, stretching from Obidos to the Trombetas River, about a German mile, were passed little by little, when we spotted this river, which sheds its clear waters in a vast bay of the Amazon. According to Acuna, here it was on land, that the garrison of Orellana

Orellana expedition

suffered an attack of Indians, whose number included women warriors, and, therefore this site is a monument for the ethnography and geography of the great river, which derives its name from these women, a story that so often flourishes and so often is put in doubt. The reader, therefore, probably hopes that I will tell more about the women warriors; However, I will only interrupt my story to declare that I do not believe in the existence of “Amazon women”,

Legendary "Amazon Woman"

either in the past or in the present. Despite the general interest that the subject awakens, trust me when I say, Dr. Spix and I didn’t waste time investigating the case. In the meantime, we have not seen anywhere in any part of the Amazon, nor have we heard information which referred to this fabulous legend told by any trustworthy person of European origin,

In fact, the Indians spoke from the strength of their imagination. One could easily imagine the shaky foundation that gave verisimilitude to the legend. The question: "Are there Amazon women ? ", their answer, by rule, is “Ipu", "It seems that yes “. However, the question is already suspect, because the general language does not have a term for "Amazon ", nor its respective