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Black toumaline

black, crystallized tourmaline. In these granites sometimes appears, grown with it, a dark, friable mica schist. Also in the gravel of the stream appeared other rock formations, as in Gupiara: granite, quartz, feldspar, lidite and a chipped, gray-green keratite. In these debris, up to the depth of ten and twenty feet, chrysoberyls appear, and very rarely are green tourmaline here as well.

Green tourmaline


Our curiosity with what we had found so far was not satisfied; We always hoped to discover the matrix of these stones, and we waited for another day to inspect the stone caves in the upper Piaui River, which we reached in a painstaking walk through the scrub, over rocky terrain. We could not, however, observe anything. Among all the stones found in these regions, the most appreciated is


the white chrysoberyl; It sometimes approaches the diamond, in clarity and in brightness. Pure yellow chrysoberyl aquamarines are of roughly equal value; the well-cut eight-faceted stones of two to five-row diameter were offered from $ 900 to $ 1,000. White and light blue topaz are of little value, and in general, the cutters here recognize that American stones deserve preference over theirs. It was not a sacrifice to leave these theatrical places, and return northwest to the Sao Domingos Arraial, where we had in the meantime sent our troops.

Minas Gerais to Bahia

We continued as fast as possible, with our animals loaded with mineralogical collections, back from Calhau and Aguada Nova; We crossed the Aracuai River in a canoe on the afternoon of the second day and reached that evening the entrance to that camp, where the kindness of the outgoing judge had already taken care of our lodgings, at the house of the guard, Mr. Serving Pacheco Rolim.

Sao Domingos today

Sao Domingos is the most important northern locality of the termo of Minas Novas and should be considered as the emporium of the cotton trade, after Bahia, because there are only seven leagues by way of the Conquista road, where goods to and from Rio Grande are transported. Here we met two young Frenchmen, who were shopping for their Rio de Janeiro firm, and were selling a small assortment of European goods, looking very pleased with the progress of the business.

Village warehouse

According to the recommendations that had hitherto been made us about the hinterland, where we were going now, we needed to resort to the warehouses of the village, in order to supply us with the necessities for a trip through an almost unpopulated area. An ox was killed, the meat was cut into narrow strips, salted and exposed to the sun to dry. With these food supplies, and more rice, manioc flour, corn, beans, bacon and cachaca,