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Atropine, Daturin, Hyoscyamine, etc. Studying the external conditions that determine this variety deserves strict investigation.

Agua Suja river (Dirty Water)

On the way to Agua Suja

Between Chapada and Agua Suja, four miles to the north, the mountainous terrain is covered with dense vegetation, which stands out among the scattered grove of the plateau. The dominant orogenic formation is quartzite, alternated here and there by compact itabirite deposits, or sown with loose pieces of


hematite and iron ore breccias. In Agua Suja, we met the out-of-term judge, Mr. Bernardino Pinheiro Camelo, still doing his job. With a rare joviality among the Brazilians, he talked to us as the worthy dispenser of justice, recounting the weariness of the debates, since he was obliged, from time to time, to leave his home for months, to travel for the obligations of his jurisdiction. His bailiff was given to us as a guide and defender when we set out from here to the northeast jungles, the Piaui and Calhau streams, to convince ourselves of the geological situation of chrysoberyls, etc.


Later that afternoon, we reached the Sucuriu Village from above, passing through deep swamps of wild mountains. The thickets of the bush are planted with cotton; In Sucuriu Creek, which flows into Setubal, the lush vegetation of the savannah is predominant, as well as good pastures. This creek is also bearer of a lot of gold dust, as well as red clay in its vicinity.

As we entered the camp at sunset, the resounding roar of drums, flutes, and piercing sounds of song began to surround us, and the crackling of pork rinds announced the solemnity of Sao Joao, which is celebrated mainly by black people with extravagant fun. The formalities in the practice of religion are observed by this race of men with such fervor that they take the lead over the whites, and, in many circumstances, leave them in some way with the precedence.

Blacks' religious festival

From Sucuriu onwards, the path was more tiring and dangerous, to take us to the springs of Ribeirao Calhau, where we should find washes of the precious stones mentioned above. We encouraged the mules and entered a dense, hilly forest in which we rode seven long leagues as fast as the narrow path and the vigor of the horses allowed.

The mountains we had to climb were heading from S.W. to N. E., and were generally gneiss. Everything around was uncharacteristic, foreign to us, and caused us anxiety. The thick woods seemed to us a vast tomb, for the drought had stripped them of all the foliage and flowers; they were only rare