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The band's musicians, in yellow and red shoes, black and white socks, red and yellow pants, with tattered silk capes, were placed in a double row and made a hellish din with drums, flutes, tambourines, rattles and the tearful marimba; the dancers greeted the stunned envoy by leaping, with the most singular grimaces and deepest bows, and they brought their guests presents, presenting such a bizarre spectacle that the guests imagined themselves to be before a flock of monkeys. His Majesties from abroad at first repelled by the visit, eventually received the players with these words: "The doors and the king's heart are open to them." The King of the Congo invited the envoy to take a seat on his left, and, to the sound of loud music, made a distribution of Spanish decorations and calamus.

At last, the revelry with the king of blacks was concluded, after which the whole assembled people repeated: - "Long live King John D. VI!"

How interesting are the reflections of the thinker, who, in hindsight, recalls the passages of this strange party!