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with six mafucas (chambermaids and butlers), and went in procession to the black church. Blacks, bearing the banner, opened the procession; others followed carrying the images of the Savior of San Francisco, and of the Mother of God, all painted in black; Then came the music band, whose members, with red and purple capes, all broken, adorned with large ostrich feathers, announced the rejoicing to the sound of tambourines and rattles, the noisy canza (1) and the tearful marimba (2) ; a black man in a black mask, a butler, with a saber in his fist; then the princes and princesses, whose trains were carried by pages of both sexes; the king and queen of the previous year, still with scepter and crown; and,

finally, the royal pair, freshly embellished, adorned with diamonds, pearls, coins, and gems of all kinds, which they had borrowed for this party; the end of the parade was made up of black people, carrying lit candles or poles lined with silver paper. Arriving at the Church of the Mother of God, black and black only, the deposed king handed over the scepter and the crown to his successor, and he made a gala visit, in his new dignity, to the quartermaster of the Diamantino District, with all his authority. The steward, already warned of this visit, waited for his royal guest in nightdress and hood. The newly elected black king, officially a shoemaker, upon seeing the quartermaster, was so disturbed that upon being invited to sit on the couch, he dropped the scepter. The polite Ferreira da Camara caught it and, laughing, returned it to the already tired king, with the words: "Your Majesty has dropped the scepter!" (3). The musical choir sang loudly with respectful gratitude for the quartermaster's gesture, and finally the whole crowd came out, after, according to the custom of the slaves, the king bent his right knee before the people of the house, and then happily roamed the streets. Then the king and queen returned to their huts.

The same show was repeated the next day, but with a few variants. The new black king officially received a visit from royalty to Congo's court (the so-called congada). The royal family and the court, in full dress, pompously went to Market Square to greet them; The king and the queen sat in chairs on their right and left, and the ministers, chamberlains and chambermaids, and the highest dignitaries of the kingdom, sat on low stools before them.

1) The canza (caracaxa and querequexe, in northern Brazil) is a rustic instrument made of taquara, and is used in drums. Canza is an African word (Rev. Note, Inst. Hist. And Geogr. Bras.). The marimba consists of a row of coits or combos, arranged between two arches, depending on the size, with the opening upwards, and on which are small tablets held by a string, so that they rattle in a jacket, producing a peculiar sound.
2) In the original: "Votre Majeste a laisse tomber son scepter". (Rev. Note, Inst., Geogr. Bras.).