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a consequence of position. The black washer of the gold and the diamonds, is exposed to the continuous cooling of the extremities with the heating of the rest of the body, until he perspires.

Gold and diamond washing

Also affecting the black’s health is the coarse diet of black beans, cornmeal and bacon, and, above all, the abuse of the rum. It is even known in Brazil that this last drink is very harmful to health, especially when freshly prepared; However, there is no police law here, as in the English possessions of the East Indies, so rum, especially by the lower class of the people can be made to excess. Other eye diseases are associated with arcus-senilis: glaucoma and cataract. Yet another disease, which we must cite, as is often the case in the Diamantino District, is the so-called seven-day-old, which attacks children right after birth, and which, not killing them until the seventh day, is no longer dangerous. This evil consists of violent falls in the lower organs,, and, according to the opinion of the skilled, is caused by carelessness in the way of connecting the umbilical cord, or infection. The same on the occasion of childbirth. When children do not die from colic, they are often carried away by inflammation of the skin and also of the peritonium, no doubt. This disease seems most dangerous under certain yet unknown epidemic influences; At least it has been noted that there are times when newborns are most attacked and most perish from this disease.

Coronation of Don Pedro1

Already since our arrival in Tejuco, arrangements had been made to solemnize the king's coronation with patriotic celebrations, which had been organized at the same time throughout Brazil. Ferreira da Camara's patriotism, which understood the grandeur and dignity of the event, for which Brazil, for the first time, received the sanctification of independence, inspired him to give these parties all the pomp and significant splendor.

We had with this occasion to admire the perfect touch and fine sentimentality of the Brazilian countryman. They began the ceremonies with a theater performance, to this end erected with a platform on the Market Square, where the people and the actors went to the festival. Heralds opened the sequence, followed by the choir of singers and four other figures, which, representing the vast possessions of the Portuguese monarchy, brought with them emblems of the peoples, European, Indian, black and American, a terrestrial globe, above which was the image of the new King, D. Pedro I. An imposing group of boys and girls, dressed as shepherds, with flower garlands, with which, upon arriving at the theater, adorned the image of the monarch, to the roar of public cheers. The shepherds then performed Portuguese, East Indian and black dances, and in the interim four harlequins appeared, amusing the numerous attendance with bizarre leaps, parodying the clumsy gestures of the American savages.