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after the first wash. The extraction, undertaken here, during our stay in Tejuco, was done only with a twenty-black washing troop guarded by two overseers.

On a lowland plain the rainwater had been gathered to the depths of two feet, and they had crossed a plank in that pond for the blacks to sit on. They work naked or only with a cloth around their bodies, or a kind of capybara blouse and leather pants, which are in knee-deep water. A dozen feet away, at the end of the pond, both overseers sat in front of the blacks, on higher benches, under a sun hat, roughly made of palm leaves and bamboo.

The gravel, taken from the riverbed, was accumulated between the workings and the washers; a small wooden bowl filled with clear water was on a bench among the overseers. The work performed bears a great resemblance to the manipulation of diving in the washing of gold. The Black fills his round wooden drum, which is usually a quarter foot in diameter, with gravel; returns to his place, begins to pick the larger pieces and throws them away; then he hits the drum, shaking it from side to side, throws away the layers that gather up little by little, fiddles with the finer, separated gravel, washing it with fresh water. If he finds in the heavy sand, which was in the bottom, some shining stone, he takes it between the thumb and forefinger, gets up from the board, and walks in the water to the plate, where he leaves the brilliant. If he has washed the gravel completely in the drums, he lets the empty trough float over the water, stands, claps his hands three times, and extends his arms, keeping his fingers open, to show that they hide nothing; He takes it again, finally hits it, and fills it with gravel to start the job again. The overseers watch the movements of the slaves without ceasing as they wash so that they cannot employ ruses. If any unfaithfulness is discovered, the culprit expiates the loss, first by whipping and imprisoning the neck with an iron collar;

repeating the offense, he is no longer employed in the service. The Curralinho gravel appeared to be very poor, since during the half hour we watched the work, only two pebbles were found. When the steward appeared at the gold wash, he made the overseer count the stones found in his presence, and put them in a leather bag he brought with him until he could hand them over to the Board.

Curralinho area

The sun was still low when we left Curralinho to head southeast to visit the Linguica wash. We descended a narrow, deep cave, surrounded all around by strange, jagged, white-toothed boulders. It seemed to us