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the parish of Sao Domingos and Vila de Ourem or Casa Forte; and then, after a four league journey, either from the port of Tentugal, down the Caete River below, or always by land, through dense virgin forest, surrounded by numerous streams, there is a ten league walk to Braganca Village.


From then on, follow the road always along the coast, through an almost deserted region, inhabited by families of meek Indians, without any important village, passing through the village of Gurupi, until reaching Turiacu.


Until then, it is usually traveled in a canoe, driven by six Indian paddlers, through the shore holes, and between small islands along the ocean, unless cut by the mouths of the coastal rivers, which here widen in vast coves. There are nine such basins; Sailing through them is dangerous only when the east wind swells over the sea. On the other hand, the traveler is free at sea from the plague of mosquitoes (carapanas, piuns) that, in thick swarms, land on the boat when navigating through the basins.

From Turiacu, usually larger boats are taken to Sao Luis do Maranhao; However, you can continue the journey along the coast to Porto do Serrano, from where you follow the dirt road, through the bush, to the Cururupu River and to the village of Guimaraes.


The whole terrain seems to slope from southwest to northeast, towards the ocean, on a steeper slope than the inland south and north districts, but particularly in the Capim River, primitive formations seem to predominate, perhaps mica schist.

Mica schist