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such attempts would succeed if they were instituted in the provinces of Bahia, Minas Gerais, and particularly in Goias.

Bahia and Goias

A great and joyful surprise awaited us in Sao Luis, with the news that His Majesty’s ship Fidelissima, in particular and gracious consideration, was made available for us to travel through the province of Grao-Para, and sent us the indispensable letters of recommendation for this end; but a joy can never be perfect, so the painful news of the death of the Austrian businessman in Rio, Mr. Barao von Neveu, in whom we lost, in addition to a revered friend, an active protector of our own venture, so our joy was spoiled.

We were comforted by the richest and most wonderful nature which stretches under the blessing of the equatorial sun; and as we had eagerly hoped to arrive there during our journey, the license received seemed to restore to us all the vigor of the body, so that we might go through that land of promise. But if we wanted to undertake sailing on the Amazon River, we could not take longer, because in the months of August and September the winds from the east favor the trip upstream. As the Governor-General had already offered us, just then, the

Maranhao to Para

opportunity to go to Para, taking advantage of the voyage of a Portuguese warship, we found it necessary to shorten our hospitable stay in Maranhao. Our noble host accompanied us, on July 20, to the Brig "Prontidao", and soon after the sails were blown by propitious winds, we moved further away from the city and the friends who expressed their wishes for a happy trip. No ship ever separated from the arms of friendship with more grateful hearts on board.