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Cost of 50 negroes………1:800$000

Deliver 109 bags cotton from farm to city at medium price of 465 reis
……… 50$000

Three sticks of coarse fabric per sack or 4 rolls of cloth @ 18$000
……… 72$000

Two and a half of coarse fabric for slaves clothing
Total : 1:967$685

According to this calculation, the real value of an arroba of cotton in Maranhao should be 3 $ 300; and, adding storage and commission costs, insurance, etc., the true average price of this product, when ready for export, should be assumed to be 4$000. It would be argued that no other crop product could be cultivated more usefully in this province, and perhaps that is why the cultivation of Turkish wheat and cassava is sometimes so neglected that famine occurs, with the exaggerated rise in the price of these necessary foods.

More than once such products are so utterly lacking that the inhabitants have escaped starvation by resorting to rice, whose annual production is estimated at 600,000 arrobas. Also the export of cattle is similarly sometimes sloppy.

Cattle drive from Piaui

Most of it comes from the fields of the Mearim River and the Anatajuba River, which a part of the year when they are in the flood, only gives the necessary pasture. For this reason, in those months, it is dependent on the cattle of Piaui. In addition, the city's supply of beef cattle is licensed by the government to certain people, provided that they keep the price fixed, a provision that undoubtedly sometimes exposes the population to run out of good quality meat.