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made with buriti palm tree trunks. Its bed is favorable for navigation with a load of 300 to 500 quintals. The main trade, made in this river with oxhides, skins, salted meat, tobacco and cotton, goes to the village of Sao Joao da Parnaiba, located four faraway leagues from its mouth, the only seaport of the province of Piaui. It is the center that will take even greater importance for trade when it has a better channel. However, the river is launched into the sea by six mouths, but it has an uneven bottom, two to four bracas, on which not even with the high tide can the sumacas and other small boats, reach the village.

Parnaiba River

The Parnaiba River crossing is here, as in Juazeiro, taxed by the government. Only a small fee is payable and the traveler's luggage carried on the ferry is not subject to entry fees. Arriving at the northern bank, we were in the province of Maranhao; but, only six leagues ahead, at Sucuriu Farm, we found a government official in the person of the commander, who, sympathized with our distress and treated us with extreme kindness.

The commander’s goodwill, however, was about to lose my mate. He recommended, for the relief of the pain that caused the inflammation of the tumors, a remedy that, in the patient’s state of semi-unconsciousness, was carelessly employed. At noon we departed from the hospitable house, and marched on until we reached a shed - Lost - three leagues ahead, to which the rented slaves were to return the next day. It was getting dark when we got there; and as soon as we had hung our hammocks, a terrible storm broke out. Torrential rain dripped through the leafy ceiling, the typhoon put out our fire and seemed to want to hover over us. I lay apathetic on my water-soaked bed when, near midnight, the French servant, the only faithful helper on that dreadful night, startled me with a cry of anguish; it seemed to him that Dr. Spix was dying. When, in horror, I walked hesitantly towards him, I found him motionless, his face deathly pale, with hard spots on his skin, and attacked with terrible abdominal cramps. Soon the light came to me: he had poisoned himself with overuse of the ointment! It was necessary to act urgently; But where to find the means in this solitude, when around us the unleashed elements rioted with extreme fury? Necessity, however, is the mother of invention; we dispatched some blacks back to the nearest farm to fetch a bathtub; I sprayed a mixture of sulfur for insect bites that we had brought with us from Rio, and gave it to him soaked in bread with large doses of opium tincture. With these treatments and continuous rubbing and heated cloths,