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See Sao Luis. Maranhao

Oerias to Caxias, Maranhao

Oeiras trip, passing through the village of Caxias, to Sao Luis, capital of Maranhao

The hospitable inhabitants of Oeiras had decided to prove their sympathy with abundant gifts of food, so that only with a troop twice as large could we have carried our entire supply of fresh and salted meat. Due to the great abundance of cattle in the province, it is customary to bring a beautiful ox to the traveler's door, and to let him or her make use of the gift thus offered. We spent the first night in a city only a league, from the summit of Olhos d'Agua. This mountain, through which a steep, flattened road passes, must contain plenty of gold in the quartz strands that cross the grain; The inhabitants, however, have long abandoned any search attempt. Also all the other gold mines of the province, which were discovered by the adventurers of São Paulo at the time of the conquest of these lands, have never been explored since. Moreover, perhaps the similarity of plant formations to those of Minas Gerais indicates that there is also precious metal in this region, though in much smaller quantities.

Rio Caninde

On May 12, we crossed, near Inhuma, the seven leagues of Oeiras, on the Caninde River, which is still unimportant here. This zone has the same feature as the previous one; however, the lagoons are always more numerous, and near the

Carnauba Plam frond

Mauritia flexuoso

Attalea compta

carnauba trees appear the buritis and ouricuris (Mauritia flexuosa, Mart.) and Indian (Attalea compta, M.), gathered in extensive forests, sometimes dominating the landscape. It is as characteristic as it is majestic. This is how we found mainly the region situated between the royal farms of Gameleira and Mocambo, where in the form of steps, more or less cubic grains mountains, rise steep, flattening themselves in plateaus, which dominate vast swamps, whose

Etching 56

grayish green stands out in a surprising way from the reddish color of the stone. In this way, the highest part of Piaui has always been accentuated by the mimoso (delicate) vegetation of the lower Piaui, in which the vegetation is agreste (rough). We went around