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some mountain waterfall makes its way with a crash. In this magnificent

Diamond wash

environment we approached the first diamond wash, Vau, located in a solitary valley, near the Rio das Pedras, a league from Milha Verde.

Diamond district

Several huts are seen here for the black slaves, whose task is to wash away the gems from the river and its bottom vessel, which are mixed with many fragments of gneiss and mica schist. We could not reach the goal of our trip on the same day, Tejuco, and were forced to stay overnight on a poor ranch, Palmital, nearby. After we had climbed two mountain slopes the next day, we entered the Jequitinhonha River valley, which holds gold and diamonds, crossed the bridge over it, near which there was once a very productive diamond wash, and had, after all, the satisfaction of reaching the Arraial do Tejuco.