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large draft ships. The first one enters from the south side of the reef opening; to the last, by the north side. Draft vessels of more than fourteen feet remain for safety half a mile north of the port entrance. Between 12 and 1 o'clock, full moon and new moon, it rises here from four to five feet. So the wind usually blows from the sea, which pushes it inland, but rarely lasts more than a few hours. Recife is undeniably after Rio de Janeiro and Bahia, the most important emporium in Brazil. The ships, which leave here for Europe and North America annually, number 150. Recife exports all Brazilian articles, but especially cotton, sugar, molasses, brandy, ox and goat leather, tobacco, coconuts, ipecacuanha, balsamo. of copaiba, campeche, brazilwood and tatajuba.

Gossipium vitifolium, the cotton plant

Pernambuco cotton is distinguished by its fineness and purity, and is separated in the deposit warehouse (Forte do Mato), after a special inspection. Only the two best qualities can be exported. The annual export of cotton is valued at 80,000 bags. As is also known in Europe, Pernambuco cotton is especially esteemed. For its cultivation, better purification and baling, Manuel Arruda da Camara deserves special praise.

The marks of sugar qualities differ somewhat from those of Bahia which are the following:

B. F. (branco fino).
R. F. (redondo fino).
B. R. (branco redondo).
R. B. (redondo branco).
B. B. (branco baixo).
B. I. (baixo inferior).
M. M. (mascavado macho).
M. R. (mascavado retame).
M. B. (mascavado branco).

The fixed prices of these brands, corresponding to those of Bahia, are one hundred reis lower than there. The export duties for the first of the six qualities are cruzados per arroba; the rights to the last three, 30 cruzados per arroba. Pernambuco's sugar almost equals Bahia's in hardness and roughness of grain and dryness, but is surpassed in these properties by the so-called "sugar-de-Campos", the best quality in Brazil, which is exported from Campos dos Goitacases to Rio de Janeiro. January. Olinda, located one hour north of Recife, on an elevation, on the bank of Beberibe, is now in full decay. The convent full of rich donations, and the episcopal seminary, with its large library, a botanical garden, etc., characterize the city as a place especially devoted to studies, and indeed many distinguished men were educated there. The Pernambuco stands out especially for the liveliness of his spirit, for his quick perception, for his great command of the language and for the gift of poetry. However, the history of this province gives rise to many examples of civil disturbances, which are to be attributed not so much to the relatively larger education and scientific instruction as to the presumptuous claims of certain wealthy and influential families, which merit great credit in liberating Brazil from the yoke of the Dutch, which must be regarded as a manifestation of misunderstood politics.
The province of Alagoas, formerly part of the province of Pernambuco, is of particular importance for the fertility of its lands, as in addition to having the same products as the neighboring provinces, it also has high forests, abundant in excellent woods, for shipbuilding.

Lagoon in Maceio, Alagoas

The capital city of Alagoas is located on the south bank of Manguaba Lagoon, and the entire coastline of the province, except the Jaragua anchorage, offers no safe haven for large ships. Sugar and tobacco, the latter of special quality, are the main export items. Here too, the production of tobacco has recently decreased, and that of sugar has grown. This is attributed, not only to the downturn in the African market, but also to the fact that for a long time sometimes the smoke, already sold to