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soon to Bahia, and Minas; It gave us the opportunity to receive in Maranhao a number of letters, evidence of the most tender solidarity.
To the north of the Serra Branca, the appearance of the vegetation seemed to gradually change from mimoso to the agreste. We walked along beautiful, verdant paths, which, at the point where the terrain rises, still alternated with catinga forests.

Santa Isabel today

To the north of Cachoeira Farm, we entered the beautiful fields of Santa Isabel, where several leafy juazeiros with wide crowns, groups of carnaubeiras and their brambles, formed an extremely beautiful landscape. Countless cattle, the shadow of the thick fronds of those trees, comparable to the tilias, and rows of rolling terrain, in the various tracts, brightened the beautiful region. The orogenic formation of granite is found here again. In the afternoon, we set up camp near a dam and a grove, near the bivouac of a slave trader, who took 14 young blacks of both sexes, bought in Bahia, to Aldeias Altas. This band of Ethiopians indulged with their licentious dances, according to the custom of the country, in the open air, with the most extravagant joy, which become a furious bacchanal, accompanied by whistles, rattling sounds and singing.

Only very late at night, after everything had settled around us, as we were immersed in the deepest sleep, when their leader woke us up, showing the greatest concern. Almost half of his people had in the afternoon eaten a nearby

Manioc uttilissimam, the "safe" cassava

Manioc roots, cassava

manioc root, and after they had eaten these poisonous roots raw, believing them to be of healthy cassava, they were all poisoned. Headache, dizziness, chills, burning in the belly and vomiting with cramps were the symptoms of the evil that violently attacked the poor blacks. On our advice, the leader caused vomiting to some, enemas to others, in addition to large doses of fish oil and the juice squeezed from the leaves of manioc, which contains, - rare in nature, - the antidote to the toxic mischievous root. When day dawned, the greatest confusion reigned in the black camp, and many still showed signs of serious fever and body contortions; however, none came to be permanently victimized by their imprudence.

Near the Pocoes de Cima Farm, in a land of hills covered with thick vegetation, we found on the gneiss deposits of transitional limestone. Primitive mountains,

Grenade or garnet

even of yellowish or bluish-gray in color and sometimes containing grenades in fractures, alternating here and lodging with transitional limestone deposits, generally follow the direction from E. to W.; As we could not reach the Bom Jardim Farm, we spent the night outdoors. The characteristics of this region seemed to us to be particularly indicated by the constant