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beautiful flowers. Everything we had seen so far of the most beautiful and superb in landscapes seemed incomparably inferior in the face of the charm now offered to our admiring eyes. The whole of the Diamond District looks like an artistically arranged farmhouse, whose reminder of romantic alpine scenery, of hills and valleys, is combined with beautiful landscapes with idyllic features. From the sea coast, at first our environment had been the general woods, with trees of enormous height, intertwined in the peaks; then followed smaller stretches of bamboo and ferns on the higher mountains of the coast; after these, the entrance of the outback itself, especially to the south, are the grasslands, the general fields, and plains of graceful green herbs, interrupted here and there by some bushes; on the slopes of the plateau, which stretches from the tropics in the north, alternating with the fading sight of alpine fields, sometimes with caps of dense evergreen foliage, sometimes with the thickest trunks or thickly clustered bushes, now with impenetrable undergrowth. But in the region where we rode now, it seemed that all these forms had harmonized into a charming whole. The meandering hills and grottos, interrupted by isolated mountains, are animated by clear streams, along the slope of them, coming from the valleys, amid dense foliage of evergreen trees;

Etching 39 Brazilian pine trees

Along the slopes are continuous green fields, interrupted by shrubbery of all kinds, and the reclining slopes are lush with the most beautiful fields of pasture, in which are spread Lauraceas, with low shrubs and isolated, garlanded trees with variegated flowers, so enchanting that one walks through them, imagining an artistically planted park. The very ground of this natural park is covered with a layer of dazzling whiteness, where small springs whisper meandering here and there. Finally, the last of the slopes appear, very jagged and cracked, remnants of ancient time, which are renewed incessantly, like extremely romantic ruins, covered with bushes and lichens.

Lichen pulmonarius

The traveler is seated in this delightful garden, attracted on all sides by new charms, and is still entranced by the twisting paths that lead him from one to the other of the natural beauties. Turning his gaze to the peaceful and variegated fields in the distance, the viewer is surrounded by high cliffs that, illuminated by the vivid sunbeams, reflect the clarity of their vertices; cut into marvelous shapes, threatening to collapse, or with terraces huddled one after another in the ethereal blue of the sky, or wide open valleys, displaying chasms where

Etching 49 Auriferous mountains near Cata=branca