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platinum, sometimes round or sometimes flat, which stand out in size from those that appear on the Abaete River; however, none weighing more than one or two drachmas have been found.

Etching 46 Mountains of Ouro Branco

Also in another neighborhood, Ouro Branco, it seems that this metal has been found, whose occurrence, near the iron formation, deserves to be taken into consideration.

Diamond district, Minas Gerais

Fourteen years ago, the entire mountainous region from Gaspar Soares to Vila do Principe was covered with dense unbroken virgin forest, continuing the forests of the Rio Doce; now large sections of it have been slaughtered; however, the look of the area is still rough and dark. Only to our indian, Custodian, did these jungles seem cheerful; for he did not need to protect himself from the scorching sun under a very leafy branch as he used to in the countryside. Passing through Sumidouro, a solitary farm, we took a walk in the extensive Arraial da Conceicao, on the banks of the Santo Antonio River, and spent the night at the solitary Fazenda do Pe Bento.

One of our freighter mules had slipped down the hill, and it required quick help. The harrier sought to remedy the animal with enema, hot poultices and patching. For the latter, the Brazilian employs lantim balsamic resin (Calophyllum Calaba, Jacq.), which exudes in clear, light yellow drops from bark removed from the tree, and is similar in consistency and aroma to turpentine oil. As we made these arrangements, we went through the nearby woods of the Coati Mountains, and, as we were carelessly wandering in the realm of nature and unexpectedly parted, one of us, accompanied by our Indian, and, happy to be well-armed, found in the midst of the wilderness, an isolated corn farm. The Indian had just thrown his

Ara macao, red macaw

arrow into a red macaw and was busy looking for it when a hefty mulatto came running and looking menacing; spinning a thick club full of knots, he wondered with what right our indian was hunting on his land. He answered by apologizing and showing the petulant mulatto the royal ordinance; the farmer replied with all choleric: - "The King rules in his house, and I in mine!" However, the black slaves, with rifles in hand, sneaked into the grass and seemed to wait only for the lord's signal to shoot at foreigners. In this dangerous situation it was necessary to show courage and resolve; the traveler quietly dropped bullets into the rifle barrel, and, since he could not avail himself of persuasion in his defense, we advanced on the enemy with our weapons in position; At this, the farmer and his armed slaves fired back as they ran away.
From this place, Vila do Principe was still eight leagues. The road always continued through cliffs, jungles and patches of terrain

Vila Rica to Minas Novas