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Also the following verses are sung in the province of Bahia, in similar dances:
“A beautiful mulatto does not need to pray / Take away the treat you have for your soul to save / Mulata, if I could form an altar of the world / I would place you in it for the people to worship you.”

Also the tonda and baiana are national dances, similar to lundu (and the first is accompanied by tap dance), but differ in rhythm. Sweet, ever-growing whispers, croaks, sighs, and choppy words from the dancers are all part of these graceful dances.

Dancing the Lundu

(IV) Inspection of the extensive banks of crushed, crumbled and crowded sea sand between Serra Grande and Tejuipe Farm, compared with the occurrence of rich deposits of very beautiful leafy coal near the mouth of the Tapagipe is a brown lignite in the gres hulhifero, which, very close to the city of Bahia, lies on amphibole and granite formation, close to the coast, allows us to conclude that the hulhifera formation dominates here to a greater extent, and more detailed examination of the coal. of usable stone would give a favorable result.

Amphobolite schist