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It closed the provinces of the borders to foreigners: Para, Rio Negro, Mato Grosso and Rio Grande do Sul, and for that reason he had not asked for a recommendation. This news considerably altered our travel plan, drawn up after we crossed the Goias border;

Goias to Mato Grosso

We intended, given the interest that the navigation through the Tocantins River would provide us, to travel, through the province of Bahia, to the Sao Francisco River, to cross to the other bank, in the village of Rio Grande, and then to penetrate, through the fields of Rio Preto, to Dura, the entry point of Goias, through Natividade and Porto Real, where we should board the Tocantins, towards Para. Without the license and recommendation of the Luso-Brazilian government, this plan could not be realized, and we decided, as closely as possible to the desired goal of our trip, by way of land, to wait in Maranhao for the license, which would allow us to travel in the province of Para.

Povince of GraoPara

In a petition to the Minister of His Most High Majesty, which we give to the care of our illustrious and worthy friend, Mr. Barao von Neveu, we cited the reasons for our desire to extend the journey to Para, for the scientific importance of comparing the terrain, from the Tropico do Cancer to Ecuador and the fact that a trip was needed here. The money required to continue the trip had arrived just after our return from Ilheus; only the designer did not appear to us, whose coming from Bavaria had been announced in several letters. Although it was sensible to miss him, as a companion in the continuation of the trip, we considered it convenient, however, not to alter the plan of the second expedition, which we were going to start now from Bahia; and we prepared our departure by handing over the natural history material collected in large boxes to the care of Messrs. Meuron and Schluter to be sent to Hamburg. His Excellency The Governor-General, Count de Palma, multiplied the evidence of his interest in science by giving us letters of recommendation to the authorities of his province and to the governor of the Piaui captaincy. Allow me here to express our most sincere thanks to this distinguished statesman, as well as to our magnificent host Mr. Marechal Felisberto Caldeiras Brant Bridges.

(I) Shell banks appear, not only on the continent, but also to a great extent along the coast. The shells are only of the species still existing today, such as Ostrea edulis, species of the genus Tellina and Fasciolaria. They are generally little different. Often the alloy with

Ostrea edulis