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from there flows into the sea and flows into the ocean an hour above the sandbar of Ilheus; However, as its mouth is very wide and full of bumps, one should avoid entering the sea and it is preferable to go up the Fundao River, to the point where it is so close to Itaipe, where our baggage can easily be carried over a narrow strip of land to re-embark on this last river.

Ipomoea pes caprue

The beautiful banks of the Fundao River were now lined with a rich carpet of grass, sometimes with clear sands, where the branches of a red vine creeps- beach potato (Ipomoea pes caprue, RB) and a rare grasses like Stenotaphrum americanum, Schrank.

Stenotaphrum glabrum

In the virgin forests, there are numerous coconut trees and sparse huts, which give these places a quiet and country style. The strangest contrast is the dark jungles of the banks of the Itaipe, through which the canoe with difficulty makes its way here, among fallen tree trunks, between the juncais.

Etching 18 Itaipe River

Many original plants appeared to us for the first time, presenting a great difference from the vegetation of virgin forests in the neighborhood of Rio de

Caladium or Arum liniferum

Janeiro. Along the banks was an aninga bush (Caladium liniferum, Nees.); its trunk, tapering upwards in conical shape, four to five inches in diameter, gray, and from time to time bright as ivory, crowned with large sagittal leaves and sometimes impenetrable cartridge-shaped pods palicates; next to it, lawns of Rapateas bear, among their lilac leaves, large clusters of yellow flowers;

Heliconia pendula

Heliconias' slender trunks dazzle with their glittering or red-colored pods, and the arrow's song, the uba (Gynerium parviflorum, Nees.) swings its one-sided panicle, amid the dense branches of the pinnate Mimosas;

Mimosa tomentosa

Here, the cyps curled around the white trunks of the Arum or formed thick carpets; they hang in long wreaths, building wavering logical bridges in the river coves.

Cyps or Cypridium orchid, the Lady Slipper
The alternating splendor of the shapes of this foliage grows with the vividness of the color of numerous flowers. A number of birds, woodcocks, claws, divers etc.

Gallinula family

(Gallinula martinicensis, Ardea virescens, Plotus melanogaster, L., and others)

Ardea family


animate these jungles; the quiet of life and the joy of these bird species harmonize with the wildness of this solitude, and the traveler, slowly paddling, gives in to a mixture of sensations, awe and dreamy wonder, until the appearance of an alligator, stalking a flock of otters, whose snores, fast as arrows, awaken him.

Although the ebb and flow of the tide in Itaipe should be sensitive, far upstream until its union with the Almada Lagoon, we nonetheless noted very weak ebb above our entry into the river; the roots of the mangroves appeared among which we noticed, besides a crab