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other captaincies, transmits his decisions by means of adjutants. The Civil Court of First Offense is under the jurisdiction of the traveling Judge. A large number of administration-related issues, particularly taxes, are up to the city magistrate. To guard the interests of trade, there is the Bureau of the Trade Inspectorate, chaired by the gold steward; two members of this trade association are dealers, two others are sugar cane and tobacco growers. To safeguard the rights of foreign nations, there are here agendas and consulates of the main trading nations, recently also of Bavaria, and here they act in a timely manner, since Bahia is undoubtedly one of the richest and most active commercial centers in all of the world.

International trade ministers

As for the importation to this center, we can say the same as we already mentioned about Rio de Janeiro; The various countries and ports also send here the same articles, under similar conditions, but in much greater proportions, since the annual import value is estimated at between 9,450,000 and 10,000,000 guilders. European, North American and African articles are imported in greater quantities than in Rio de Janeiro; in smaller, however, than the East Indies. Very important is the importation of dried beef from Buenos Aires and Rio Grande do Sul for the maintenance of the numerous slaves. Blacks are imported annually, averaging 12,000 a year, and the vast majority come from Mozambique; Slave dealers value a black man at 14 $ 000 to 15 $ 000. The articles, which are imported with the blacks of those countries, are the same as those received in Rio de Janeiro. From the small neighboring ports and the interior of the province, the products are brought and shipped here. Exports to North America, the Portuguese Isles and the European Sea Countries include: sugar, coffee, tobacco, cotton, cachaca, molasses, whale oil, talcum, dried and tanned leather (all of which , as well as horns and tips, here come in large portions from the southern provinces), rice, campeche, some ipecacuanha, cocoa, pepper, ginger, indigo and fish glue.

Bahia is the main port for the smaller towns of the coast as well as the interior, and for them refers all European, North American and East Indian articles.

The liveliest trade is between Bahia and the northern coastal cities: Vila do Conde, Abadia, Sergipe d'El-Rei and the Laranjeiras de Cotinguiba village, from where some 2,000 sugar boxes come annually to the capital. Inland, especially for Goias, Piaui and Pernambuco, are