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For the lower classes, on holiday days, the rides are the favorite amusements, and they take advantage of the occasion of the holy days of the various patrons to celebrate them in Reconcavo with the fairs, which are very crowded. The celebrations of Our Lord of Bonfim, on the outskirts of the town of the same name, which are celebrated twice a year, attract a great multitude of people, and last a few days and nights with the illumination of the church and the nearby buildings. The chatter and amusement of the large number of blacks gathered there give this popular festival a unique feature, of which only those who have observed the various mixes of races can have any idea. The observer also studies the particularities of the different classes and races, which manifest themselves when, following a religious procession, they pass through the streets of Bahia.

Festival of Sao Joao

The showy parade of countless brotherhoods of people of all colors, who seek to stand out with the wealth of their greetings, flags and insignias, alternating lines of Benedictines, Franciscans, Augustinians, Carmelites, barefoot Jerusalem beggars, Capuchins, nuns and penitents, hidden under their hoods; and, besides these, the Portuguese troops marched, with their martial bearing, and the militias of the capital with little military appearance; the gravity and anointing of European priests, and in contrast there was all the sumptuousness of ancient Roman worship, amid the savage noise of astonished blacks, one might say theatrical, and surrounded by the lighter mulattoes: all this constitutes one of the most imposing pictures of life. that the traveler can find. As in a magic mirror, the admiring spectator sees representatives of all ages, from all parts of the world, pass through the whole history of human evolution, with its highest ideals, its struggles, its culminations and its decay; and this unique spectacle, which neither London nor Paris could offer, is still of interest when one wonders: - What can the fourth century of a New World bring, which in only three can assimilate all racial orientations? and assimilate the degrees of civilization, by which the spirit of humanity led the Old World for millennia?

The schools of Bahia, all run by the Jesuits prior to the expulsion of the Jesuit order, are also currently governed by some monks, as well as secular priests. They also teach at the Gymnasium, where there are classes in Greek, Latin, mathematics, logic and metaphysics; municipal schools, entrusted to lay people, are also under the supervision of the priests. Dr. Paiva had once taught chemistry and natural history. For the training of priests, there is - as in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Vila Rica - a seminary, under the special supervision of the Archbishop. The boys there