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whereas a common proverb says that, in any mestico with indigenous blood, there is nothing useful or profitable.

Leaving Fazenda do Seco, we had to climb again a high mountain, the Serra das Lajes. Its base is a clayey shale and a fine-scale, generally grayish-green mica schist, which often approaches the shale chlorite and contains iron octahedron.


Higher, is quartzite, as near the village of Rio das Contas, and above, instead of the catingas, the form of vegetation is similar to that of Minas; There, however,

Etching 4 Lily trees in Minas Gerais

the arborescent Liliaceas are absolutely missing. On the gradually rising hillside there is the neighboring Lajes Farm, with massive iron deposits; This metal appears particularly as either magnetite, fine-grained, consistent, or mixed with


hematite, sometimes as fine-shale mycaceous oligisto, or as compact limonite.


This limonite often contains a considerable amount of limenite (hydrated oxidized iron). The location of these rich iron mines along the road leading to the interior provinces, the enormous distance from the coast from which all the iron objects are imported, and the existence of firewood and water, would facilitate the establishment of a metallurgical forge in this place, which we think should be recommended to some of Bahia's trading partners as a good capital investment.

The predominant orientation, which follows the quartzite, is from north to south at 22, 23 and 24 hours, with the inclination of the layers at a pronounced angle of 40 °- 60 ° to the east. From the highest point of this plateau, east of the Paraguacuzinho Creek, which flows into the Rio das Contas, we can see ahead

Serra do Sincora

of us the continuation of the Serra do Sincora, which forms an extremely painted background in the solitary and rugged landscape, with its great contours, in the shape of battlements, with the green slopes all dressed in vines, but blinding white on the abrupt walls and terraces. In the gorge of a valley, between this mountain range and Lajes, we went to a poor little parish, Sincora.

The Sincora River valley - a small torrent of clear water, where thousands of multicolored butterflies - garnished with melastomaceas and Rhexias with their magnificent purple flowers and Andromedas with glittering flowers - offer us one of the most beautiful views of this alpine region.


Rhexia holoserica

Andromeda speciosa

We were very sensitive to the loss of our barometer, which prevented us from measuring such interesting heights; however, I calculated at more than 3,000 feet the highest brush of this range. Everything reminded us of Tejuco, and willingly we would linger here if