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Lilium japonica

rocks with the same Liliiceas, although in less abundance, the same grasses in the floodplain, and Bromeliads and Melocactos appeared in the depressions of bare rocks.

Bromelia exudans

Melocactus violaceus

Already by the shapes of plants, we would have understood the existence of gold on this mountain; Even more pronounced becomes the resemblance, when one observes more closely the very formation of the mountains. Here too the itacolumite is sometimes stratified into thin, elastic blades, crisscrossed with abundant white quartz, sometimes crystallized, sometimes compact, and often fragmented, which run mainly from north to south. They are the richest deposits of this noble metal; Not yet twenty years ago, they brought considerable profits, and they would now well compensate the miner if he knew how to mine it properly. Other than that, the metal is found, even sometimes abundantly in the gravel of rivers and streams, especially in the Rio Brumado or in the red and white sand.

The gold of the rivers is distinguished by its purity (often 24 carats) and the large nuggets; pieces of weight of eight solid pounds have been found. Elsewhere, gray gold appears in the form of the finest powder; It contains silver and iron, according to the inquiries of my revered friend, Mr. Counselor Fuchs, but no trace of platinum. Currently, the most explored are the mines of the small village of Mato Grosso, two leagues north of the village.

The mountain range, on which we stood, extends northeast, at considerable distance, with the names of Morro das Almas, Serra do Catole, Serra da Chapada, etc., passing beyond the village of Jacobina, which is the main point of this western region of the province of Bahia.

Province of Bahai

The news must be heard everywhere, and according to news that we had been given, the same elastic, gold-bearing grain formation, therefore must be regarded as the northernmost radiance of that extensive orographic system, which extends from the provincial plains. of Sao Paulo, with the different names of Serra da Mantiqueira, Serra da Lapa, Serra Branca, Serra das Almas, etc., through the province of Minas Gerais, and is the main nucleus of its mineral wealth. In Jacobina, some gold mines are still exploited today, and there, or in Vila do Principe, all the mining found in the province of Minas Gerais is smelted. The region between Jacobina and Rio das Contas is, by the way, very sparsely populated; and, constantly plagued by the lack of rainfall, so the mining is difficult here.

As for its orogenic conditions, we were able to verify them personally, on an excursion to Morro Redondo, a branch of the Vila Velha mountain range, three

Morro Redondo

leagues northwest of it; We did it, guided by our generous host, Mr. Capitao Antonio da Rocha Bastos.