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to the size of the loads, which were not as easy to drive along the overgrown path, as the rounded cotton bags. The inhabitants of these dramatic regions are mainly responsible for raising oxen and horses. Only rarely did we find cotton plantations, which, however, do very well here.


The first thing that caught our attention were the rocks of a reddish granite, which are now entirely stripped of vegetation, sometimes covered with closed rows of cacti. As we approached the Montes Altos mountains, we soon saw the rounded shape of the summits of many mountains and hills.


Settled on granite, furrowed by deep, often abrupt gullies, or sometimes rising gradually and interrupted by gently sloping cuts, they are devoid of moisture and often of any vegetation, which gives them their greenish exterior, dark in a very particular aspect. The rock is a closely linked mixture of fine gradation of dark green prasino amphibulation and greenish gray feldspar, which contains few grenades and pyrite in it, and it is fully characterized as diorite.

Serra dos Montes Altos

Some hills rise high and form the highest peaks of the Serra dos Montes Altos, whose dominant rock is finely grained granite, of very dense texture, and granite gneiss. We went back, for a part of this mountain, between the Pau de Espinho, Pe da Serra and Picadas Farms and got the full view of the Carnaubas Royal Farm.

Carmaubas (wax) palms

The mountain presents itself in the southeast-northwest direction as a mountain range, whose main contours resemble those of hills and rock ridges and through which we wound our way, forming numerous curves.

A large amount of salty land a has been discovered in the Serra dos Montes Altos, which must be lodged on the ground surface or in caves (limestone?), but is not yet seriously exploited for use, probably because the export of saltpeter from Brazil is prohibited, and only needed at a distance from the places where they exist: the royal gunpowder factories - Rio de Janeiro, Vila Rica and Oeiras. Brazil is so opulent in these prized products that free trade in saltpeter could bring it big profits.

Gameleira mountain

The fifth day of travel, after Malhada's departure, took us close to Jajeu, over the last chain of these granite mountains, and, beyond the so-called Gameleira Mountain, we were delighted to behold the pleasant varicose floodplains. More unique than these sources of springs, so much in contrast to the effects of


drought, was for us to meet again, on the opposite mountain range, the Serra de Caetite, the very well-known quartzite formation which we then climbed. Quartzite exists

Red quartz