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here we also find plants that belong to the Chapadas of Minas and the whole vegetation seems to indicate that in this basin of Parana there is a special flora. Among the most wonderful trees we find here are paru (Dipterix odorata,


Willd.), whose seeds are known by the name of Tonca bean, and whose aroma and substance resemble the benzoic acid of vanilla. In Para province, where this tree is abundant and its fruits are constantly harvested, it is called cumaru. At the commander's house, a spectacle awaited us that we had never before enjoyed.

We found no living soul, neither in the courtyard nor in the spacious dwelling, and already surprised we wanted to retire, when an anguished scream echoed in a distant hut (1). There we found the whole family and the numerous black servants, weeping around a body, which was sewn into a cotton sheet like the mummies of Egypt. They explained to us that the death of a black slave was the reason for this dismal solemnity, for Africans do not allow themselves to render their last duties to the dead according to patriarchal customs. Mourning is made by blacks with such sentiment and conviction that farmers find it unwise to deny consent. These practices, called black swarming, are celebrated in Guinea with closed doors and often degenerate into the most licentious estrangement, which is why Mr. Fleet only with his presence thought he could count them.

We were received here with all the demonstrations of the most cordial and ingenious hospitality, which should be considered an important trait of the character of the Goianos; however, we only stayed there for a day and soon returned to Contagem de Santa Maria, the Rio Formoso Farm, where we found, of course, our troops rested for new marches, but our most faithful mule driver in such a grave state, that afterwards we congratulated ourselves for taking him to the Sao Francisco River, where we left him for medical care when we moved to the Bahia captaincy. In this man's illness, there was a great deal of nostalgia for our country, where miners are subjected more to this disease than Brazilians, as in Europe are the inhabitants of the mountains.

Region between Rio Tocatins and Rio Sao Francisco

The journey to this farm, back to the Sao Francisco River, to Carinhanha, which we did in six days, constitutes in our trip, a short period, which really happened without major events, but all the more full of pure charm, in the face of the nature, this and for the first time we found ourselves for many

(1) The blacks' huts, made of clay and slats and covered with sape and with palm shoots, do not differ from the system by which they are built in Africa. In Brazil, they are usually called senzalas or pahoras.