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dark green foliage. Also the imbus (1) were fringed, with light, elongated crowns. Very unique and of great effect in the scenario, one distinguishes the embauba (2) among the other high figures of the virgin forest. The glossy, whitish-gray trunks rise slightly curved to a very high height and throw at right angles, verticilated branches that bloom at the end with large, deeply lobulated white leaves. Softness and hardness, rigidity and flexibility appear equally in the whole of this tree, and make it difficult for the painter to reproduce. The richly flowered Caesalpinias (3), the airy leaves of the laurel, the Geofreias and Andiras (4), the soap trees with their glossy leaves, the slender Cedrelas, the feathered Ormosi (5), the Tapias with bark that smells strongly of garlic, the Mainas (6) and many trees still unknown, are gathered in the most muddled form. Here and there stands out, among the delicate green, the dark canopy of a Chilean Araucaria (7), which form a strange and stray note the tropical forest, and unique and incomparable are the slender palm trees with the undulating tops, ornament of the forests whose beauty and majesty surpass all description. Looking away from the haughty figures of those older virgin forest dwellers and lowering your focus to the more modest and discreet, which line the ground with intense green, one marvels at the splendor of the flowers, which thrive here in great variety. The violet flowers of the Rhexias, the flowering clusters of the Melastomaceas, the Murtas and the Eugenias (8), the delicate foliage with beautiful flowers of many Rubiaceas and Ardisias (9), permeating the singular flowering of Theophrasta conchocarpus and the ana palm, which looks like bamboo (10), the gleaming pendant f1owers of the Costos, the domed hedges of the Marantas (11), among which comes a scaly, arborescent fern, superb Stiftias, spiny Solaneas, large-flowered Gardenias and Contareas (12), all intertwined with the garlands of the

1) Spondias myrobalanus, L.
2) Cecropia peltata L., C. palmata, T.
3) Caesalpinia brasiliensis, C. echinata L.

Caesalpinia brasiliensis

4) Geoffraea inermis Sw., G. racemosa Poir., G. violacea P.
5) Sapindus saponaria, L .; Cedrela odorata L .; Ormosia dasycarpa, O. coccinea, Jacks.
6) Crataeva tapia, L., called by the Portuguese garlicwood; Maina brasiliensis, Raddi.
7) Araucaria imbricata, Pav.

Araucaria brasiliensis, Brazilian Pine tree

8) Rhexia princeps, R. grandiflora, R. holosericea, Humb .; Melastoma tomentosa, M. lutescens, M. mucronata, Humb.; Myrtus sp1endens, M. disticha, M. lineata Sw.; Eugenia Mini, E. guyanensis, E. Cumete, Aubl.
9) Tetramerium occidentale, G., Nonatelia paniculata, Pagamea guyanensis, Coffea paniculata, Aubl.; Duhamelia patens, L., D. chrysantha, Sw.; Parasitic ardisia tinifolia, Sw.
(10) Theophrasta longifolia, Jacq., T. Conchocarpus macrophyllus, Mik.;

Conchocarpus macrophyllus

Geonoma simplicifrons, G. pinnatifrons, W., G. pauciflora, nob.
11) Costus laevis, R. P. spiralis, Rose., Maranta gracilis, M. obliqua, Rudge, M. arundinacea, L.
(12) Stiftia chrysantha, Mik.; Solanum violaceum micranthum, Lam., S. violaceum, Jacq., S. p. Niculatum, L., Baolbisii Dun., B. chloranthum, Spr. Gardenia armata, Sw.; Solena gracilis, Rudge; Coutarea speciosa, Aubl.

Costus laevis