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not far from the shore by the name of Enxadas and are surrounded by flocks of Jooes - Great Gulls (Pelecanus Aquilus, Cormoranus Graculus, Procellaria brasiliensis), and then to several shrub-covered islands scattered in the bay. The largest of these islands, the Governor's, situated almost in the middle of the bay from E. to 0. and extending for two miles, the king kept for himself; the island must be populated with bush pigs, but so far he has never been there. In countries where hunters, in addition to the dangers of being devoured by animals, are still threatened by poisonous snakes and insects, and the thickness of the bush only rarely allows them to ride, in order to avoid these evidently hostile animals, the hunt loses its charm. Amazingly, a bear is kept here, which the king received as a gift from Russia. On one of these islands, located at the entrance to the bay, which is called Rasa Island, it was that Sir Joseph Banks (1), when Cook's entourage was in Rio de Janeiro, discovered the beautiful Moraea northiana (Purple Lily), which since then is an ornament of European gardens.

The tireless Commerson (2) also made botanical harvests on these islands and on the nearby mainland when Bougainville entered the port of Rio de Janeiro; We then set foot on a soil that had become classical, by the efforts of both these naturalists. The traveler loves to confuse his sensations with those of his predecessors; so we were most pleasantly surprised when we found on these islands, in the midst of woods, the Moraea, and then in the hedges out of town we saw the bushes of the dazzling red flowering Bougainvillea brasiliensis, with which Commerson immortalized the name of his noble guide. Nature conserves its creations always well, despite the vicissitudes of time, and they survive all the monuments of human greatness. In this sense, the custom in botany is to immortalize the merit and the name of illustrious naturalists for their own ever renewing flowers.

Bougainvillea brasiliensis

When you visit these low islands in the bay of Rio de Janeiro, you admire the strength and fertility of their vegetation, produced by the situation, the humidity of the environment and the considerable heat. These woods, where most of these tree species appear, become almost impenetrable in thickness, but have a relatively large number of palm trees, especially the much-appreciated palm ( 3).

(1) English naturalist; participated in the first trip of James Cook in "Endeavor" (1768-1771). - (Rev. Note, Ed. Meth.).
(2) France’s naturalist; participated in Bougainville's trip in the "Boudeuse" (1766-1769.) - (Rev. Note, Ed. Meth.)
(3) Euterpe edulis nob., Jurara. - The palm trees of the mainland forests and these islands are shipped in quantity to the capital market.

Euterpe palm