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whose flowering red stalks glisten in the shade of the woods, Gramineas and tree ferns, shrubbery laden with flowers of Vernonia, Murtas and Melastomaceas populate the delightful spot. Large and small-winged butterflies play by fluttering in the rising spray of water, and birds of varying plumage circle from morning to afternoon with the diversity of their chirps matching the tumult of the waterfall.

Carioca waterfall, source for the aqueduct, Rio de Janeiro

This source is called Carioca (1) and from it the natives of Rio de Janeiro derive their name of Cariocas, which they themselves are proud of, although they gave it, with a second satirical intention, to the provinces. Beside this enchanted fountain already some talented poets of Rio de Janeiro have endeavored to celebrate with verses the Naiades, which are so beneficial to the capital. We often refreshed ourselves here, exhausted from the heat and weariness, in the crystal clear water, protected by the life-giving shade of the trees revealing the far-off sea, and reviewed our splendid harvest of birds, insects, and plants. Unforgettably we retain the sensations that were aroused in us, and only the quiet man, who is happy in nature, can understand the pleasure we enjoyed as foreigners of the north, in such a magical place. Not far from the aqueduct, the Laranjeiras Valley meanders towards the Catete district.

Etching 32 Larangeiras Valley

The stroller enjoys the variety of scenery where gardens, new plantings, virgin woods and scattered country houses alternate. In the middle of the green slope, and not far from the road, we glimpse in the middle of the jungles a lonely hut. It belongs to the Earl of Hogendorp (2), who, embarrassed by the events of recent times, has come to live here, far from men and politics, in communion with the free nature, and considers it not undignified to make money by preparing coal for the city with the trees on his property. We had met with him before and admired the constancy and character of man, who, far from the turmoil of unstable circumstances, feels happy in the small room, contemplating the sea, whose waves once bathed St. Helena.

Together with the Carioca waterfall, the road turns away from the aqueduct and goes through a dry elevation, full of bushes and low trees, and returns to the virgin forest, which covers the Corcovado slope. The narrow, steep path climbs over a few streams in the forest.

(1) Caryoca, more properly caryb-oca, means, in the language of Brazilian Indians, '' house of the whites '', “house of stone', and was probably the name by which the forest dwellers signified the houses that the Portuguese built from stone to protect themselves against the fiery arrows of the former.
(2) Roland,. General of Napoleon I. He died in 1822 in the place described above. (Rev cream, Ed. Melh.)