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The excellent situation of the vast and safe harbor in a sea entirely without danger during all seasons, was the beginning of the general paths of world trade; consider the short time to travel from here to Europe, the African Coast, the Cape, Mozambique, India, and New Holland; consider the opulence in metals and products of the interior and the great impetus given by the presence of the Court in this area contributes so much activity, that even a few of these scenarios will be enough to elevate it to one of the richest ports in the world. This intense life of commerce in the capital of Brazil proves that the potential exportation is even greater than it is today, and yet according to the news Brazil is described as an unlearned country, without any trace of the beneficial influence of European industry.

In fact, the colonial articles exported by the port of Rio de Janeiro are not exclusively products of the province, but in part are brought from the interior; But the comparison of the export of some articles of this port with the one of England already provides a very favorable notion of the production of the country. England must have received 401,700 quintals of coffee in the year 1817 and consumed itself 60,000 quintals. If the latest news is true, Rio de Janeiro has once again exported more coffee to England than is consumed in England.

Already before the coming of the king it was necessary to establish a Bank. For the important business movement not half is in currency value, even if all the provincial capitalists contributed their money. For this reason several more wealthy traders have gathered, each contributing a proportional share and ensuring reciprocal collateral, to add a capital corresponding to the sum of the edited notes. Under the management of a Commission expressly chosen by the founders, the company, which was only a private institution, began to thrive, and the credit, which was initially only valid among the founders, spread to the entire business public. It is very possible that the Bank's total banknotes with this opportunity will gradually increase, without giving up capital.

Bank of Brazil

Later, when business made remarkable progress, an insurance company, protecting the Crown’s monopolies, etc., was attached to the Bank, and enjoyed the establishment of such great confidence in the smooth running of business, without interference from strangers, that many State officials soon deposited a portion of their wages with the Bank, and the wealthy ranchers from the interior of the country remitted their capital to Rio to deposit it there for their children as the safest part of their wealth. With the king's coming to Brazil, he began with