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this evil than the black race or the indigenous American race. It seems that the bladder virus, during the long period of its devastation, is more assimilable by Europeans than by other races, whose organism is not yet able to cope with such widespread and strong contagion. The Indians are vaccinated with great difficulty, which is usually attributed to the hardness of their skin, but they are easily infected and almost always succumb to the disease.

The physician who compares diseases in Brazil such as bladders, syphilis, and others with illnesses in other parts of the world must have come to the conclusion that, just as every individual of all ages is predisposed to contract certain diseases of the world. especially depending on the nations and eras, according to each degree of culture and civilization, they acquire and disseminate certain diseases more easily. In view of this, one could suppose that in Rio de Janeiro dangerous diseases are rife; in fact, however, they are truly endemic diseases. Perhaps only the hydrocele itself should be considered conditionally endemic. That mortality is, with the competition of so many foreigners from the most diverse climates, greater in the city than in the interior, it is easily understood why; However, there is no sure evidence of bad diseases. We strived to obtain birth and death data from here, which would shed light on the overall proportion of mortality. It seems that this part of sanitary policing is not yet taken into due consideration here.

In fact, much remains to be done in the future regarding the necessary official institutions and laws, such as the cleaning of the streets, which at the moment were only cared for by the protected vultures, the policing of pharmacists, the exercise of the art of medicine, etc. The two main measures, which, however, have so far become serious for the sake of general health, are the strict supervision of incoming ship health reports, and the mandatory vaccination under the supervision of a physician. Children and adults are vaccinated on a particular day of the year in a public building; It is a pity, however, that the control over the disposition for vaccination and the records of development and consequences among the vaccinated is either very imperfect or lacking at all. For such institutions even more than in methodized Europe, in a new, sparsely populated country, it would be necessary to take advantage of the clergy; As long as vaccination is not severely demanded as a police measure, just as baptism is by the church, the country is exposed to the danger of a sudden and almost irresistible epidemic of smallpox and depopulation.