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that in the coldest latitudes, they should not be simply minister to, but managed.

The croup is manifested in this country with the same violence of fevers and comas as in Europe. It has been noted that it attacks white children preferably. If there is reason to believe that this disease originated recently, and characterizes the very period of development of the human species, it is doubly surprising that it, too, appears here in the new part of the world now inhabited by many whites, and is only known for a few years. Examples of healing are cited by the rapid use of sweet mercury. How much this remedy corresponds mainly to the climate of the tropics, we learn from ourselves, with different experiences, and we advise travelers to use it in all cases, when it becomes necessary to act in a particular way on the lymphatic system, the process of which is very embarked here by so many influences but; yes, it serves in many circumstances, as a very effective prophylactic means, as it corrects the still weak state of illness. Also an excellent way, especially in liver engorgements, which are very common there, are the sea baths, stimulating the nerves, the muscular and lymphatic systems. Among the frequent diseases, we can also induce here, where the temperature changes are more abrupt than in the provinces of northern Brazil, rheumatisms and catarrh.
Syphilis, so prevalent throughout the hot zone, is not uncommon in Rio de Janeiro. In fact, the devastation caused by this disease, as we later became convinced, has not been shown to be terrible and impetuous, among the foreign evils that attack the indigenous people of America, as it happens in the coldest countries, especially in the islands of the Pacific Ocean where it most strongly spreads among the population as a whole. The climate, the temperament of the colonists and, above all, the introduction of the slave race Ethiopian, contributed in a terrible way to generalize the disease, not only in the coasts, but even in the most inland part of the continent. If the intensity of this disease has decreased with transplantation to the hot zone, it seems that it has greatly increased to the contrary; on the other hand, the receptivity of the organism here is undoubtedly stronger than in the cold countries, partly mainly because of the shorter life, partly due to the greater weakening, due to the reigning dissolution, and the constant heat.

Smallpox, which has appeared sporadically ten years ago, attacks the organism of the inhabitants of Rio very violently, because the hot climate and the laxity of the body favor the disease. However, it cannot be denied that the Caucasian race contracts much more easily