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such a diet and compliance with the weather conditions protect it from many diseases that attack the unwary or uninformed foreigner. And therefore, in any way advisable to outsiders, observe a diet like that of Brazilians, do not activate outside the house in the hottest hours of the day, when all the streets are empty of people, to avoid deadly sunstroke, even at night. He must expose himself to the serene, evading the dangerous consequences of the colds, and even less indulge himself in physical love. Also, in satisfying insatiable thirst with water, care is needed. They advised us to drink water with wine or cachaca; These means are only advantageous when little exercise and shading are carried out, since the violent rush of blood to the head during travel, when we were exposed to the sun, forbade us, especially in the early years, to use any drink. witty; we were therefore preferably refreshed with the fresh water of the streams, without adding anything to it; when we were exposed to heat again, we never suffered any unpleasant consequences. These dietary observations, we believe, should be highly recommended for travelers' attention.

The most common diseases here are: chronic diarrhea, hydrops, fever entirely, syphilis, hydrocele; However, of all these, perhaps the latter should be considered endemic and proper to the city. Doctors are of the opinion that this disease stems from the use of water. This may not be the cause, because in the higher classes such disease most often appears, and the water they use is often improved with the addition of a spirituous liquid. In fact, lightness in light clothing, exposure to cold, right after violent heat, sexual excesses, all this leads to the loosening of muscle strength, which the hot climate already predisposes, as well as the paralysis of the nerves, thus giving reason for the hydrocele. This can be seen, therefore, also in white, new Europeans, as in the North Americans, where the above-mentioned influences can produce, but a complete exhaustion, at least false direction in the activity of the lymphatic system and relaxation of the sexual organs. Local doctors recommend, as a preservative and remedy against malaria, local ablutions with rum and cold water and the use of suspenders.

A very common disease in hot climates, scabies, and frequent stuff here. This malady consists of suppuration, due to inflammation of the sebaceous glands of the skin, with pink swelling all around, spreading widely, and is especially advertised by the burning, and unbearable itching. In sensitive people, it often produces sympathetic swellings of the glands.