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In Rio de Janeiro

The next morning, July 15, we were taken ashore amid the bustling bustle of European ships, small boats equipped with blacks and mestizos, and small boats in all directions.

You can climb a granite staircase to the beautiful pier and reach the wide open beach, the main one of the city, formed by the imperial residence and several imposing private buildings. With great difficulty we got rid of the noisy crowd of half-naked blacks and mulattos who offered their services with the characteristic of the great insistence that is peculiar to them. Passing through several straight and rectangular streets, we finally arrived at the Italian hotel, then the only one in the capital of Brazil, where we found reception for our first needs. After a few days we rented a small

Santa Ana Square, Rio de Janeiro

house on the outskirts of Sant'Ana recommended to us for its elevated position on the hillside and overlooking the Corcovado. Our instruments and luggage were carried there the backs of the blacks. Customs did not impose the slightest difficulty since it learned that we had come on the frigate Austria and under the patronage of St. M. the Emperor of Austria. Above all, everything seemed to be contributing to make it easier for us, the new arrivals, to take our first steps to organize our landing on American soil.

With great pleasure we made relations with the extremely friendly Cap. Von Krusenstern, known for his sailing around the world, and with the Russian Councilor of State and Consul General, von Langsdorff, who received us cordially. Also several German compatriots who had established themselves as traders in Rio de Janeiro strove to be helpful to us at all times. In addition to being children of the same country, we were also linked with them by the interest that held them to that rich and strange nature, new to them. We are grateful to mention here the names of these brave compatriots, Messrs. Scheiner, Hindriks, Schimmelbusch, Deussen, Frolich, Diirming, and Messrs. Von Eschwege and Feldner, Lieutenants-